The Mikado remastered

Mikado 1956

On Thursday 23 August 1956, in the Great Hall at Sydney Boys’ High School, after three successful performances of the combined Sydney Boys’ and Sydney Girls’ High Schools production of The Mikado, Mr Terence Hunt and Mr Lindsay Aked of the Department of Education recorded highlights of the choral sections.

A digitally remastered version of this recording will be launched at the 1957 reunion lunch on 20 November 2012.

Copies will be available after that date from Bob Lions (1957) at the cost of $10 plus $5 postage. Bob will also be including stills from the production on the CD and is looking for any further pictures that people may have from the production.

For further details about obtaining copies or to supply digital copies of photographs of the production, please contact Bob Lions:

Mikado chorus 1956
Nanki-Poo and Chorus: “A wandering minstrel I.”


  1. Kerry Rubie:

    If my memory serves me correctly I participated in that production albeit as a guard (a non singing role as demanded by Harry Billington or whoever was directing it). It was great fun and, as I recall, a breakthrough in SHS and SGHS relationships which were pretty non-existentat that point in time. What a transformation has taken place since then in that I read in a recent report from Dr Jagger that there is a fund raising program underway to build a science (?) facility to be shared by both schools. I will contact Bob Lions to see how to get a copy to London where I am presently living.

  2. Don McDowell:

    And I too was a part of that production, serving in the chorus as a tenor but also acting as the rehearsal pianist throughout the preparation. This “saved” Harry Billington from having to direct from the keyboard. It was a wonderful experience socially although, in hindsight, I am not too sure whether it excelled musically ! Harry and I went on to become friends in a master/pupil relationship for some further years as I studied under him and then at the Newcastle Conservatorium, aiming to make my career as a performance pianist. But the army got in the way and that career option remains an unfulfilled dream. I will also contact Bob Lions to get my hands on a copy of the disk and let the memories flow !!!

  3. Allan Watson:

    I was only in first year in 1956, so I was just in the audience at one of the performances. I did take part in two later extravaganzas - “The bartered Bride” and “Old Chelsea”. I think I have LPs of both somewhere.

  4. Brian Duncan:

    I was a soprano in “HMS Pinafore” (1947?) which was filmed in colour by the then Head Master James Killip. Does

    anyone have any information about this recording?

  5. Eric Willson (1957):

    Being in final year at the time, it’s my recollection that I was asked to sing on the stage of the Great Hall and subsequently told that I would be given a torch and be involved in parking the cars on the night/s it was held.

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