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Another international sportsman

Feng Yeng (2000) is yet another of our recent Old Boys to be representing Australia in the international sporting arena.

He was first introduced to the Olympic sport of fencing at High in 1995.

Currently he is ranked third in Australia for men’s senior foil and recently won gold for Australia in the men’s team foil at the Commonwealth Fencing Championships in Melbourne.

Feng Yeng at the Commonwealth Fencing Championships, Melbourne
The gold medal-winning Australian men’s senior foil team at the Commonwealth Fencing
Championships. Feng Yeng is on the far right of the photo.

Feng has also represented Australia at the fencing world championships in Paris.

2011 is going to be an exciting for Feng as he has taken a one year career break from his work at a Division of General Practice (Primary Health Care) to focus his attention on fencing and reaching his full potential.

The Olympic qualification period for LONDON 2012 begins in March and he is already about to relocate to Shanghai to train with a provincial team. This will place him closer to three World Cup competitions to be held in Tokyo, Seoul and St Petersburg. Feng is under no illusion that the training, at the Shanghai Finance University, will be easy – it is full-time at 6 days a week, up to 7 hours per day.

The main difficulty Feng faces at the moment is lack of financial support. Fencing does not have a high profile in Australia and is not part of the AIS program.

Fencing can be extremely taxing due to the requirement for specific standards of equipment, travel expenses, competition entry fees, and training fees. Feng has been a self-funded athlete all this time and like all self-funded athletes just tries to do the best he can with the resources available.

Any Old Boys who would like to offer Feng support as he pursues the Olympic dream should get in tough via

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