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High Basketball Appeal

Australian Schools Championship
Australian Men’s Champion at the Australian Schools Championship, December 2010

Our GPS premiership-winning basketball program needs your help!

The SBHS Basketball Committee is currently asking for donations to purchase a Basketball “Gun” in order to raise the standard of training and development of our talented young athletes. More details on the “Gun”, or ball return shooting system, may be found at

Director of Basketball Ben Hayman said “My opinion is that this piece of equipment is invaluable to our boys’ development and would bring our facilities and equipment to the same standard as any GPS Basketball program in Australia.”

The project was started by Old Boy and Basketball Committee Chairperson, Nima Sedaghat (2004). Old Boy, Nikhil Autar (2011) followed in Nima’s footsteps and then a few parents followed suit. However, the Committee is some way off the $10,000 total cost.

“Our basketball program/school is, by far, the best value for money in Australia and I wish for this continue”, said Ben Hayman. “I have never asked for donations before and can’t see myself asking again in the near future. The Basketball school budget and committee funds simply are not enough to cover an expense of this nature.”

The committee urges Old Boys to make donations by using the Australian Sports Foundation’s Equipment and Facility Donation Form on the School’s website:

Please ensure that you enter the amount of your donation at the intersection of the “Equipment (982132)” column and the “Basketball” row.

If you get your donation to the School by 25 June you will be able to take advantage of tax deductibility in this financial year.

Please return the form, with payment, to:

Sydney Boys High School
Cleveland Street,
Moore Park,

And please send Ben Hayman an e-mail when you send in your form so the Committee can track the donations and gauge whether they will reach their goal by the project date of 26 August 2012:

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