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Endow a prize for speech night


Would you like to see the memory of a friend, teacher, mentor or family member perpetuated in the title of an academic award at the School’s annual speech night?

The School currently has many academic prizes that are not endowed. A donation of $2,500 to the School’s prizes trust fund will secure a named prize and help to free up the many thousands of dollars the School must budget for each year for this form of recognition and encouragement of academic excellence.

The prizes trust fund is managed by the Sydney High School Foundation Inc, a body governed by delegates from the P&C and OBU.

Prizes for the following fields of study are not currently endowed for some or all academic years (that is, some may be endowed for Year 12 or Year 11, but not for the junior years). Please contact for further details.

Ancient History
Architecture & Engineering Drawing
Business Studies
Chinese Advanced
Chinese Beginners
Chinese Intermediate
Classical Greek
Design & Technology
Digital Imaging
Earth and Environmental Science
Engineering Science
English Advanced
English Extension 1
English Extension 2
Film Making
German Extension
History Elective
History Elective Combined
History Extension
Latin (Extension)
Legal Studies
Mathematics (2 unit)
Mathematics Extension 1
Modern History
Music 1
Music 2
Music Extension
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
Prize for Third
Software Design & Development
Studies of Religion
Technical Drawing
Visual Arts
Visual Design

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Position vacant – Database Administrator

Exciting opportunity – Paid work for the SHS OBU
Database Administrator

To help expand its activities, the Executive Council of the SHS OBU is advertising for the paid position of a Database Administrator, on a contract basis. This role is a significant part of the ongoing development of the OBU, continuing to build on its strong relationship with the School and its Old Boys.

The role is focused on updating and expanding the old boy database in the new OBU CRM and using the database to compile data reports and mailing lists for old boy communication, reunions, mentoring and other activities, and to otherwise assist in managing relationships with OBU members and the wider old boy community. The CRM sits in new information technology infrastructure and is accessible remotely with appropriate securities: you can work from home.

The successful applicant will report to, and work with, the OBU’s Database Coordinator. The applicant will need to demonstrate advanced skills in Excel spreadsheet operation and the ability to learn to operate the database. The applicant will be trained by the service provider developing the new CRM and the OBU Database Coordinator.

It is anticipated the tasks will require 12 hours per month and will be paid at a rate of $25 per hour. The job suits a university student, ideally one who has been trained with these specialized skills, and is available for an immediate start. Attendance at occasional CRM Operational, OBU Executive and other meetings for one hour may be required.

The role will allow you to understand and grow your hands on business skills and will look good in a CV.

For a specific job description and selection criteria please contact the OBU Membership Registrar, Geoff Andrews email: or phone: 0438 421 886.

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1962 Reunion Luncheon – 22nd March 2015

The Class of 1962 have planned a reunion lunch on 22 March 2015 at the Marigold restaurant Haymarket, Sydney.

It is deliberately planned for midday so that those from out-of-town can more readily join us.

It is now booked for the 22nd of March 2015 at The Marigold Chinese restaurant Haymarket Sydney at 12 for 12-30pm

The same group had a function/reunion there at the end of 2013, held in a private room it was most convivial.

Click here for the Marigold website
Click here for example menus

This is a preliminary notification to save the date and plan participating. Please advise if you have any special dietary needs, extra fish and vegetarian dishes will be requested

  • Already coming – Robert Bear from Vancouver and Andre Cohen from London.
  • Locals include Paul Jensen and George Lewkovitz.
  • Addy Pross from Israel is currently in town, and may have returned home by the date.

A special invitation has been extended to our old friend Bob Outterside and to Kim Jagger the excellent current headmaster.

If you have any friends from 1961 or 1963 they are of course welcome. (We already have a group from 1963.)

For catering purposes, please RSVP ASAP.

With best regards to all, looking forward to meeting you again,

George Lewkovitz / 0412566899


Paul Jensen

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High Rowing challenge

Rowing badge
All old boys, supporters and friends are invited to join in the High Rowing Challenge at the School Rowing Shed, Abbotsford.

An early start
An early start

It is 6 sessions of rowing for the adults!

All abilities are catered for … some will learn to row, and some like to get back in a boat and enjoy the morning rows.

We supply the coaches and the coxswains … and breakfast is cooked for you each week as you come off the water.

It is a lot of fun … especially if you get some friends/partners/work-mates along to join you in a boat … and it’s good for you, as rowing is rated as one of the best aerobic kilojoule burning exercises you can do.

outterside centre at abottsford aerial view
Outterside Centre – Aerial View

It is also a big fundraiser … we need Old Boys’ support to enable us to buy a much needed new VIII.

Please support High Rowing and join in the High Rowing Challenge this year! Starts soon …. Saturday 10 September, and runs for 6 early Saturday mornings (missing the long weekend).

Have a look at the attached flyer and booking form … and don’t just think about it … be challenged!

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Phillip J Day Scholarship dinner

Phillip John Day
Phillip John Day

The school community is invited to attend the Phillip J Day Scholarship Dinner – 7.00 pm, Tuesday 31 May 2011 in the Great Hall.

This year’s dinner will be hosted by Daniel McPherson (1997), host of Dancing with the Stars, and a star of City Homicide and The Bill with guest speaker Tom Cusbert (2002), University Medallist (2008). Cost is $60.00 per person and is tax deductible as a professional learning opportunity.

Please RSVP by 26 May 2011 on the attached invitation.

All enquiries should be directed to Con Barris (1971):

The Dinner is the major fund-raising event for the Phillip J Day Memorial Scholarship – established in 2007 in memory of Phillip Day (1965) – to provide an outstanding Sydney Boys High School student with financial assistance to maximise his opportunities whilst a student at the school. The scholarship is awarded each year to a student from any year within the school with selection criteria including outstanding talent in a particular area of academic or co-curricular endeavour, particularly good all round achiever or a student with special needs, financial or otherwise.

Phillip John Day (1965) was a much esteemed Old Boy, Head Teacher of Social Sciences (1984-2006) and mentor to a generation of High boys.

Further details about the scholarship, including a form for donations, may be found on the School’s website.

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Another international sportsman

Feng Yeng (2000) is yet another of our recent Old Boys to be representing Australia in the international sporting arena.

He was first introduced to the Olympic sport of fencing at High in 1995.

Currently he is ranked third in Australia for men’s senior foil and recently won gold for Australia in the men’s team foil at the Commonwealth Fencing Championships in Melbourne.

Feng Yeng at the Commonwealth Fencing Championships, Melbourne
The gold medal-winning Australian men’s senior foil team at the Commonwealth Fencing
Championships. Feng Yeng is on the far right of the photo.

Feng has also represented Australia at the fencing world championships in Paris.

2011 is going to be an exciting for Feng as he has taken a one year career break from his work at a Division of General Practice (Primary Health Care) to focus his attention on fencing and reaching his full potential.

The Olympic qualification period for LONDON 2012 begins in March and he is already about to relocate to Shanghai to train with a provincial team. This will place him closer to three World Cup competitions to be held in Tokyo, Seoul and St Petersburg. Feng is under no illusion that the training, at the Shanghai Finance University, will be easy – it is full-time at 6 days a week, up to 7 hours per day.

The main difficulty Feng faces at the moment is lack of financial support. Fencing does not have a high profile in Australia and is not part of the AIS program.

Fencing can be extremely taxing due to the requirement for specific standards of equipment, travel expenses, competition entry fees, and training fees. Feng has been a self-funded athlete all this time and like all self-funded athletes just tries to do the best he can with the resources available.

Any Old Boys who would like to offer Feng support as he pursues the Olympic dream should get in tough via

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New Sydney High hoodie

Sydney High Hoodie

A new design Sydney High hoodie will be available for purchase for Yr 12 leavers and Old Boys from April 2010.

Sizes S, M, L, XL are available and will cost $66 plus postage.

Old Boys can order through email or by calling the High Store on (02) 9331 7075.

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John Fraser fundraising challenge

John Fraser
John Fraser (1933) at a recent school event

A ninety five year old Old Boy has thrown down a challenge to the SBHS community by offering to donate $10,000 to the School’s capital works program if ten old boys match his gift.

John Fraser OAM (1933) has kicked off the SBHS 10-4-10 Challenge with a spirited reminder of the dedication and generosity of the first generation of High Boys.

He’ll donate $10,000 immediately and another $10,000 if “younger” Old Boys meet the challenge target.

“I just feel so strongly about the potential of the School and its special heritage that I had to do what I could to make a difference for the future generations of students”, Mr Fraser said.

John was a dedicated rifle shooter in his days at school and was a fellow rifle team member with Roden Cutler. He continues to support rifle shooting and is often seen at rifle shooting and other school functions.

“My message to every Old Boy is, let’s make this a target to reach as soon as possible. If you know someone who can take the pledge for $10,000, I’m ready to match them and nine others. The 10-4-10 Challenge is on”, Mr Fraser added.
The School’s building fund, which currently stands at over $800,000, will fund a multi-purpose centre to meet the needs created by the redevelopment of the School’s library.

To meet John’s challenge, and make a tax deductible donation to the SBHS Building Fund, download the donor form and post it in or call the Principal, Dr Kim Jaggar on (02) 9361 6910 ext 114.