Class of 1996 Reunion

Here is a report from Yury Glikin on the recent reunion from the Class of 1996
We had a very enjoyable evening with about 40 people in attendance. A few people could have definitely used name badges – there were a few confused glances, followed by (re)introductions, but overall, many of the guys hadn’t changed much at all. We did a group photo and then suddenly, someone started singing the school song and to my amazement, most of us joined in as if we’d sung it last only a few days ago. It’s incredible what the brain retains.
Many beers were had, many memories (some slightly hazy) rehashed and everyone was mostly on good behaviour. I guess having young kids that have no respect for one’s condition in the morning will do that. Here’s hoping we can let our hair down a bit more (those who still have it that is) at our 30 year.
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