Class of 2000 Reunion

The Class of 2000 reunion was held on Saturday Nov 7th in the Great Hall. It was great to see so many people, with a few people still trying to get tickets on the day itself. We had 62 people in total, some people travelling from as far as Berlin, and a good cross section of many different groups of friends from the first graduating class of the 21st century.
I was lucky to call in a favour from Class of 2000Anton Szpitalak, now a brewer with Stockade, so we had the use of his mobile bar and some of his fine IPA kegs on tap. Catering was supplied from a truck nearby providing copious amounts of food to accompany the drink. Many people had been waiting 5 years for a rematch of the infamous boat race, and some Old Boys had clearly been training in the offseason to ensure victory.
Undoubtedly the highlight of the night was a rousing rendition of the school song, with Dux Louis Wang representing on the piano as if it was yesterday, and with a strong chorus belted out by all. Michael Kim followed it up immediately with the war cry. We then retreated to the quadrangle, wheeling the bar out with us for a few final drinks while we cleaned up. It was noted by all that the grass and the foliage of the quadrangle was in much better nick than we remembered from our years at High, and it wClass of 2000 #2as great to be able to soak it all in. I missed the 5 year and 10 year reunion as I was overseas, but it was an honour to coordinate this one and reconnect with the diverse talent that comes out of High. Above all thanks to the school and the OBU for letting us reconnect with each other and with our memories on the sacred site of Sydney High.
Matthew Baker (2000)