Classes of 1981 and 1982 Gold Challenge

Paul Almond, President of the Sydney High School Old Boys Union, coordinated the Classes of 1981 and 1982 in 2014. Here is his report on the event.

You remember your days at High, competing on the GPS playing fields and debating those Grammar boys? Well, you have one last shot at reviving those memories and maybe even extracting some revenge for what might have been.

The GPS Gold Challenge over the October 2014 long weekend at Riverview will long survive as one of the best weekends since those halcyon (and some regrettable) days at High. From the bounce of the cricket, touch footy, tennis and basketball balls, to trying to keep the boat afloat on the river for the Gold Challenge Eights, the GPS Gold Challenge was a weekend of immense satisfaction and camaraderie.

I had the honour of leading High 81’s crusade at the 2014 GPS Gold Challenge to be runners up to Riverview. Winning the Rifle Shooting and coming top 3 in Touch Footy, Cricket, Basketball and Tennis gave my High 81 peers plenty to boast about.

However, it was the satisfaction of seeing old mates and former rivals at such a fantastically well organised event that provided the real highlight and joy of the GPS Gold Challenge. Ending with a dinner and debate that just barely maintained a level of political correctness was sad for the fact that it was all over, never to be enjoyed again.

I implore you, do not miss out on this event. It is too easy to say that you are busy. There is one opportunity only to compete for yourself and your old School amongst the cohorts that you grew up with, formed your personality through and would likely die for if it came to that!

Go High and Go to the GPS Gold Challenge 2016.


Paul Almond (1981)


Sydney High School Old Boys Union Inc.