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Notice of general meeting – 23 February 2010

To consider a new constitution for the OBU

A general meeting of the OBU will be held on Tuesday 23 February 2010 at 6.00pm in the Board Room at the Sydney Boys’ High School, Moore Park, Surry Hills.

The meeting will consider the following special resolution:

that the Sydney High School Old Boys’ Union Incorporated adopt the constitution approved by the Executive Council at its meeting of 24 November 2009.

A special resolution, in accordance with rule 37.1 of the current constitution, must be passed by a “majority which comprises not less than three-quarters of such members of the Union as, being present and entitled under these rules so to do, vote in person or by proxy”.

The major changes introduced by the new constitution will be:

* a simplified statement of objects;
* a reduction in the maximum size of the Executive Council from 23 (1 president, 7 vice presidents and 15 ordinary members) to 14 (1 president, 3 vice presidents and 10 ordinary members;
* the creation of a new executive position of “membership registrar”;
* plain-English expression; and
* a simplification and modernisation of the OBU’s procedures, including a recognition of communication by electronic means.

The current OBU constitution was adopted in September 1993.

Copies of the text of the proposed constitution may be viewed here: Proposed constitution

Proxy forms may also be obtained here: Proxy