Gold Challenge – Class of 83 and 84

Here’s two reports and a gallery of images from the recent Gold Challenge

Malcolm Aikman:

Well done to All. A very gutsy effort by the 1983 High contingent. Great performances from Crispin Arnall (first in the Cross Country), Tony Gordon (first in 200m Freestyle, and 50m Backstroke), David Hirst (first 50m Butterfly), and the Cricket team (2 wins out of 2 – equal second on a countback). Special mentions to the Rifle Shooters (beat Joeys), Tennis Players (a win or two and a number of draws), the Basketballers (one win, one loss), the Tuggers of War (struggled by being paired with Grammar), the Touch Footy team (2 narrow losses), the Golfers (equal 7th with Kings and Shore), and Swiv in the debate (winner on intellect, humility, and use of big words – but somehow beaten by Dinga Bell from Grammar…

Overall we came 8th which is more a reflection of how many participants we had rather than our talent. It was slightly disconcerting to take our positions in the 3km athletics relay and see Riverview with 3 contestants for each High runner. We can be proud of our gutsy efforts, having fought hard in every event. Speedy recoveries to those who went down in battle – Zuber (calf), Henderson (hamstring), Almond (looked like an ankle or knee), and Aikman (calf). Congratulations to TAS who showed the true spirit of the day by using the same 8 or so guys for almost every event.

Thanks to Scribo and Steve Dadd for organising and coordinating High’s participation and running of the swimming events. It was a great event and wonderful to catch up with so many old friends.

If you get the chance to encourage our younger old boys to participate in future years I’m sure you would agree it is well worth the effort.

Thanks to all of you for your participation. Swiv or another wordsmith could write up a more entertaining expose of the event, however I thought it worth getting in with a quick summary and thanks before the Alzheimer’s kicks in and I start wondering why my leg hurts.


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From David Anderson:


I can wholeheartedly recommend that the 85 and 86 graduating years from High start preparations, and setting aside alternatives, to make sure you get to the Gold Challenge in 2 years time, around the October long weekend. It is a great day and a half that you will thoroughly enjoy.

EPILOGUE – 1984 tilt

31 Competition Points, 8th for the event.

Doesn’t sound very inspirational, but they are only numbers and for the 14 of us there for each other, it was …

… so much more.

I’ll borrow Swiv’s line and confirm we had a “red hot go”, as best we could, and the frenetic 14 can hold their head High and with pride in what we did and how we carried ourselves.

The dinner was, of course, a great catch up, as always and will always be. Mark Swivel represented both years mightily and all the speeches, apart from one second-rate balls-up, were outstanding and as good an evening of oration that you could expect anywhere … period.

Word at Longueville was that there was indeed a team in the town that wear the blue and brown and whilst the ‘score’ did not immediately reveal ‘victory’, we had a great day in the very best of company and I am once again inspired by us. As a band of brothers formed together in the joyous concoction of High in the mighty 80’s, we are better for once again coming together.

To quote my favourite poem (again) … “Me, We” … and High we shall be.

David A

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