Rhodes Scholars

E A Southee
E A Southee, the School’s first Rhodes Scholar.

Rhodes Scholarships were created under the will of Cecil John Rhodes, the British colonial pioneer and statesman, who died in 1902.

Selection for a Rhodes Scholarship is based on qualities of character as well as on intellect. Rhodes hoped that the Scholarships, for residence at Oxford University, would educate future leaders of the English-speaking world.

In the more than 100 years since a Rhodes Scholarship was first awarded in NSW in 1904, 10 recipients have attended Sydney High.

  • Ethelbert Ambrook Southee (SHS: left 1907). Awarded in 1913.
  • Raymond Newton Kershaw (SHS: 1911-1914). Awarded in 1918.
  • Arthur Wesley Wheen (SHS: 1911-1914). Awarded in 1919.
  • Alan Stewart Watt (SHS: 1914-1918). Awarded in 1921.
  • Ian Matheson Edwards (SHS: 1919). Awarded in 1929.
  • Alan David Ker Stout (SHS: 1946-1947). Awarded in 1955.
  • John Maxwell Bailey (SHS: 1947-1951). Awarded in 1957.
  • Ian William Dawes (SHS: 1957-1961). Awarded in 1966.
  • David Atherton Griffiths (SHS: 1958-1962). Awarded in 1968.
  • Anthony David Ross Abrahams (SHS: 1986-1991). Awarded in 1998.