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Remembering Jeanette Reay-Young

Jeanette Reay-Young and some of the 15A XI, 1986
Jeanette Reay-Young, inspirational classics teacher, cricket coach, stage director and mentor to many hundreds of Sydney High School boys died on 26 February 1987, much regretted by all who knew her.

Now, more than 20 years later, her daughter, Rebecca, is living with her family in Ireland and her young daughters are coming to an age when they will start asking questions about their grandma Jeanette.

Rebecca, an Old Girl of Sydney Girls’ High School, would, therefore, welcome any memories of her mother from some of “her boys” that she can pass on to her own children as they grow up.

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2 thoughts on “Remembering Jeanette Reay-Young

  1. Still miss my beloved Auntie Nettie – she was more like a sister than an Aunty. So lovely to see she is still remembered by her SBHS students. I recall my Latin teacher (from many decades ago when I was in high school) was one of her pupils & spoke very admiringly of her. She remains in our memories forever.

  2. This comment probably comes too late but i feel compelled to write it anyway. This vibrant lady taught me Latin from year seven to year twelve back in the seventies at Auburn Girls High. In fact, i chose Latin because of her wonderful teaching style after i learned mixed languages in year seven. I didn’t really know it then but when i look back, what a wonderful, passionate human being she was. I only recently learned that she had died some time ago and after all these years i feel just a little sad.

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