Leonard Mah

Dr Kim Jaggar’s address to the school upon the presentation of the Honour Cap to Leonard Mah:

The Sydney High School Honour Cap was awarded from 1884 to 1917 as a kind of super blue for outstanding all-round sportsmen. Eedy and MacTaggart were awarded Honour Caps in 1884 and 1885.

Leonard Mah receives the Honour Cap from Dr Kim Jaggar
Leonard Mah receives the Honour Cap from Dr Kim Jaggar

In 1917 an amendment was adopted by the School Union to award the Honour Cap on the basis of the recipient satisfying three criteria: considerable sporting prowess, general interest in school affairs and for bringing honour to the school. In our Blues regulations, clause 6, an Honour cap is restricted to a student who has shown outstanding merit in a number of sports, preferably recognised by a School Blue in two sports.

As Principal I have interpreted the Honour Cap rule about bringing honour to the school to include earning a high quality HSC result. The Honour Cap had been awarded 30 times to 27 different students. Mischa Steen (2005), Dakshika Gunaratne (2007) and Ivor Metcalfe (2013) have been the only recipients since 2000.

This year we are pleased to be able to award the Honour Cap to a student who represented High in four sports for six years – water polo, swimming, athletics and football. He won numerous medals at CHS and CIS as well as setting school records for swimming. He represented the school at GPS level in athletics and was 100m champion in 2014-15. He played second grade water polo and second XI football in his final year. He was a member of High’s GPS championship chess team for three years. At the HSC he earned a maximum ATAR of 99.95 was Dux of his cohort and came first in HSC chemistry.

Having satisfied current and historical criteria I have great pleasure in presenting the Oswald Chapman Memorial Prize for best All-rounder and a School Honour Cap to Leonard Mah.