Old Boys seeking mentors

Are you looking for advice on how to begin your professional career? The Old Boys’ Union’s mentorship scheme gives you the opportunity to talk to some Old Boys who are already established in their careers, and are keen to share their insights.

Josh Hui (2008) has already taken advantage of the scheme:

“I was fortunate enough to be part of the new Mentorship service provided by the OBU. My mentor, Balraj Hansra (2005), graduated with the same degree as me, so he was able to offer me pointers about future career paths, where to look for work, hints on how to progress in the workforce, and so on. I now know that I will feel a lot more confident upon leaving university. Overall I am extremely grateful to Balraj for such invaluable advice and the OBU for bringing about such a helpful service.”

Contact the OBU to help set you up with a mentor. The form for Old Boys seeking mentors can be found at this link.

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