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2010 reunion

Mark Maunder (1980) reports on the recent 30 year reunion for the class of 1980:

The Old Boys of 1980 gathered at the NSW Leagues Club on Saturday 23 October 2011 to celebrate 30 years since attending school.

Due to the great efforts of both Mark Danckert and Mark Maunder, many old boys were tracked down and some attended their first reunion since leaving school in 1980.

The night commenced in the downstairs bar for a few pre dinner drinks and a chance to catch up with each other and everyone was so excited to be there and see some old friends that they haven’t seen for many years.

The Old Boys came from far and wide – a couple from the United Kingdom,and many more from interstate. There was around 55 in attendance with a real concerted effort to attend.

After a few drinks it was upstairs to the function room for a two course meal,more drinks and everyone trying to reacquaint themselves with some guys who had changed since leaving school.

Many had lost hair. Some had gone grey. Some had put on a bit of beef and then there were those chosen ones who looked as though they hadn’t changed at all.

Mark Maunder made a brief introduction speech. Scott Heathwood spoke about those old boys who had passed away. Mark Wieland lead the group in singing the school song. And, as the night wore on, anyone who wanted to, was given the opportunity to get up and speak – Charlie Crossley, Angus Dawson and Michael Barko took this opportunity.

It was a wonderful night had by all and the warmth and energy in the room was fantastic as the old boys of 1980 enjoyed each other’s company.

With many years passing people were a lot more in sync with each other and it wasn’t a case of whether you were a great sportsman, academic or someone who was a bit quieter than others. The guys were just happy to catch up and find out what has been going on with their old school mates lives.

There were lots of funny stories about events that took place in the time we had at SBHS and some of the interesting teachers we had. And, to a man, every old boy was proud to have attended SBHS.

The night wound up about 11-30 with some very jolly old boys after a few lubricants, some kicked on, some called it a night,but all agreed it was a fantastic occasion with high hopes of getting together again well before the 40 year reunion.

Thanks to Mark Danckert setting up the Old Boys page on Facebook, as the guys will be able to keep in touch regularly.

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