Recent Achievements from the School – January 2020


A large number of our Cricketers were selected to representative teams in 2019.

Our Volleyball teams dominated the season, winning the GPS First and Second Grade GPS titles as well as premiership wins in 3rd grade, 16As, 15As, 15Bs and 14Bs. A number of players were selected to representative teams.

Julian Markworth Scott was selected to the CIS Open Basketball team and then the NSW All Schools team and competed at the national championships.

William Choi, Jevon Somanader, Khalil Youssef, Edward Yoon and Ethan Cusick represented Sydney East at the NSW CHSSA state championships in Rugby.

Kazi Hasan was selected in the combined GPS U16 Football team. Our Sydney East Stan Jones Knockout Tennis team won the regional final and did not drop a set in the two-day tournament.

Our Fencing team enjoyed success at a number of competitions throughout the season, achieving medals across all the weapons. At the Senior National School Championships High won medals in the Individual Senior Sabre, Senior Sabre Teams and Senior Epée Teams categories.

Ivan Samsonov won a bronze medal at the Australian National Judo Championships held on the Gold Coast. High topped the point score at the Zone Athletics Carnival, fielding a number of age champions and breaking four zone records.

The team from High won the CHS Table Tennis Knockout for the fifth year in a row and Alex Yeung and Adam Masen won the NSW Schoolboys Shield Table Tennis Competition.

Nelson Cheng, Mihir Marathe, James Liu, Shangwei Wang, Lawrence D’Mello and Alan Jessup won medals at the U15 and Youth NSW Weightlifting Championships.

Sydney High School Blue team won the All Schools Target Rifle Shooting Competition.

Eric Holmstrom and Kane Shields represented NSW in the All Schools team at the Australian Cross Country Championships.

Auguste McNally, Andrew Smallbone, Harry Wu and Anson Chan won the Year 10 FED Debating final and Aman Mohamed and Ryan Borges were selected in the CHS Debating team.

Marcus Nguyen travelled to Tokyo to participate in the 2019 Model G20 Task Force. His group produced an impressive Y20 Position Paper that was scheduled to be presented to the G20 leaders at their conference.

The team of Rayne Fangwu, Martin Lee, Duy Ngo and Chen Zhang were named national finalists in the challenge to model a sustainable population for the earth in the International Mathematical Modelling Challenge. Ben Kernohan and Etkin Tetik represented Australia in the Open Rescue division of the International RoboCup Competition held in Sydney this year.

Edward Tran and Brian Nguyen qualified to compete at the 2019 Rubik’s World Championship for speed cubing in Melbourne.

Jadon Yang achieved four consecutive gold medals in the National Latin Exam and Nathaniel Jones won the Classical Greek competition at the final of the Latin and Greek Reading Competition. The School also performed well in the Year 9 Latin Reading and Art Competition, where Yu Ming Lee earned the People’s Choice Award and the group was awarded the ‘Orpheus Award’ for Choral Reading.

Peter Boylan, Justin Wayne-Lowe, Jack Keating and Toby Huey represented NSW in the Australian Chess Championships.

At the School’s Illuminate festival, Prathik Subbanna won the Judy Cassab Art Prize for his work ‘Colonialism’.

Jared Smith received a Deadly Award and performed at the Deadly Kids Awards Ceremony.