The Bursary Program

The Bursary Program

by  Bruce Corlett, AM (’61) and Ron Schwarz (’62)

May, 2020

In May 2018, Old Boys Bruce Corlett AM (‘61) and Ron Schwarz (‘62) met with Principal Dr Kim Jaggar, who had expressed concern about those students whose families were struggling to meet the costs associated with sending their boys to Sydney High.

Dr Jaggar advised that there are always a number of boys in each academic year in necessitous circumstances. Many of these students cannot afford school blazers or jumpers. They are often anxious about engaging in activities which will place an additional financial burden on their families. The costs of attending High are much higher than they were in previous generations. Technology has become more complex and compliance has become more expensive. Some of today’s costs include: increased supervision of students; Workplace Health and Safety demands from the Department of Education; and to maintain safety and competitiveness in sport, certified professional coaches and access to physiotherapists to triage injuries suffered during GPS sport participation.

High is a six-day State school which contrasts dramatically with most other State schools which operate on a five-day per week program. Some High families struggle to help support their sons in this modern context.

Following their meeting with Dr Jaggar, Bruce and Ron donated to the High Bursary Program and encouraged other High alumni from their years to donate. Bruce wrote to Dr Jaggar that he was motivated to donate to the High Bursary Program because he himself felt privileged to have been able to attend the school more than fifty years ago: “It was a very happy period of my life. The ground work for whatever successes I have subsequently enjoyed were laid at High. It prepared me well for my tertiary education. It taught me how to compete with the best. It taught me resilience. It taught me the importance of teamwork. It introduced me to an entirely new demographic where I met boys from a wide range of different backgrounds. The School provided me the opportunity to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities—sport and choir—all of which were an important part of my development. Many life-long friendships were established and I continue to remain in contact with my cohort, who reflect fondly on their time at High”.

There is no doubt these sentiments resonate strongly with many other Old Boys. In excess of forty have contributed to the High Bursary Program to date. Some of the contributions have been named after individual donors and others after year groups, with the Class of 1961 being the first Year group to donate. The amount pledged to date is $336,000 over six years of which $223,000 has been received. Dr Jaggar’s target is a sustainable amount of $500,000. These funds will provide support to those students whose parents find themselves in genuine financial hardship and who may struggle to pay even a proportion of the annual fees, let alone the whole amount. Bursary recipients are selected by the Principal in consultation with the Head Teacher Wellbeing and other relevant staff. Although all recipients remain anonymous, the School will provide an annual written report of the difference the Program has made to the life of each bursary recipient.

Twenty two bursaries have been awarded this year.

If you would like any further information about the Program feel free to contact the Paul Harapin at the Foundation Office on 0411 452 856,  Bruce Corlett on 0411 362 626 or Ron Schwarz on 0407 766 253

If you wish to contribute to the High Bursary Program and join the others who have committed to enabling a new generation of deserving boys to experience all the opportunities that life at Sydney High provide, your donation can  be  made as follows:



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