The Sydney Boys High community recently reached agreement with the Centennial & Moore Park Trust to secure our home ground at McKay for at least another 20 years.

The School has occupied the McKay Playing Fields since an announcement in 1925 by the Hon. Thomas D Mutch MLA, Minister for Education, that a new building would be built at the Moore Park campus if the SHS Old Boys Union shared responsibility for equipping the School with playing fields.

Centennial Park was then identified and agreed as the perfect location. Under the supervision and planning of the Old Boys Union, the old swamp was slowly drained and reclaimed at the cost of the OBU. In 1932, the oval, now known as ‘McKay 1’, was first used. In 1933, with Old Boy funding and tenacity, the first dressing shed at Fairland Pavilion was completed.

Under a new agreement starting 1 February 2020, our community has committed to fund the replacement of the aging Fairland Pavilion, and to commence the building process before 2025. Continuing the tradition established by Old Boys past, we will turn to the current generation for support to establish a facility to stand yet another 100 years.

The planning and design process will begin shortly, and any Old Boy with skills or interest is welcome to contribute. To that end, we have already established a positive working relationship with the C&MP Trust, our partner to develop an asset for both High and the community.

The OBU would like to thank Paul Almond and Paul Harapin for all their work on this important project and a number of Old Boys who helped with the preparation of design concepts and building work ideas, including David Moses (1991), Mark Lovibond (1981) and Steve Adams (1973). Some concept ideas for illustration purposes only are provided below.

Look out for more news, updates and exciting events to support our playing fields. Those interested to help and support with skills or financial contribution, please email Paul Harapin at