OBU Prizes

Sydney Boys High Great Hall
Sydney Boys High Great Hall

The Old Boys Union funds the following prizes at the School’s annual speech night:

Old Boys’ Prize

The Hon J Inglis, Minister for Public Instruction, visited the School in 1887, and, whilst addressing the boys, offered to present a book, on the vote of the entire School then assembled before him, to “the boy who was not necessarily first in sport, not necessarily first in scholarship, but certainly first in the hearts of his fellows”.

Later in 1902, when the Old Boys’ Union wished to found a prize, the conditions of the award were made similar to those required by the Minister. It has been awarded annually since 1902.

Recipients: 2010 – Yixin Liu; 2009 – Leonard Teng; 2008 – Ashwin Thomas; 2007 – Moussa Farhat

John Waterhouse Prize

The prize is awarded in honour of Mr John Waterhouse, MA, Headmaster of Sydney High School 1896-1915 and was paid from a trust fund originally subscribed by 103 Old Boys.The Old Boys’ Union has awarded the prize annually since 1916 to the Prefect who is judged to have the most “character”.

Recipients: 2010 – Antony Paul; 2009 – Nelson Ridges; 2008 – David Vien; 2007 – Matthew Fetherston

John Skyring Cross Memorial Prize

To perpetuate the memory of her son John Skyring Cross an old boy who gave his life in World War I, Mrs Cross founded the prize to be awarded to the boy who has displayed outstanding sportsmanship throughout the year, particularly in GPS sports.

Recipients: 2010 – Gareth Deacon; 2009 – Kerrod McPherson; 2008 – Michael Denny-Smith; 2007 – Thomas Castleton

JW Gibbes Junior Prize and Senior Prize

Given by a group of Old Boys, known as the “Mary Ann” group, led by Arch Harvey (1919) to honour J W Gibbes, a former Classics and Sports Master at the School.

The Senior Prize is awarded to a Year 12 student for proficiency in Latin, qualities of leadership and devotion to duty in relation to GPS sport.

Recipients: 2010 – Nelson Wang; 2009 – Jeremy Ireland; 2008 – Edwin Montoya Zorrilla; 2007 – Lachlan Deacon

The Junior Prize is awarded to a Year 10 student for proficiency in the Humanities – Classics, English and History – soundness of character and interest in GPS sport.

Recipients: 2010 – Dominic Mah; 2009 – William Ho; 2008 – William Stefanidis and Nelson Wang; 2007 – Thomas Wilson

James Brunton Gibb Prize

Honours Old Boy James Brunton Gibb, a noted public speaker, and toastmaster at the Old Boys’ Union and Lodge Sydney High School dinners for many years. It is awarded to a Year 12 student who excels in the art of public speaking.

Recipients: 2010 – Antony Paul; 2009 – not awarded; 2008 – Zid Mancenido; 2007 – Kelvin Yu

Colonel D J Duffy Sword of Honour

Presented to the School in 1963 by Arch Ferguson to be presented annually as an award to the outstanding Cadet of the Year. The Sword of Honour is a tribute to a past president of the Old Boys’ Union and the High Club, Colonel Desmond Jack Duffy, MC, a distinguished soldier and one who gave great service to the School in many spheres over a long period.

Recipients: 2010 – Michael Do; 2009 – Denis Stojanovic; 2008 – Anthony Ho; 2007 – CUO Weiping Lu

Arch Ferguson Prizes (years 8-12)

Founded in 1965 by a fund subscribed by members of the OBU, the High Club and the School as a tribute to Old Boy, Arch Ferguson, in recognition of his service to the School. The prizes are awarded to the sons, grandsons and brothers of old boys in Years 8-12 who are most distinguished in academic study and service to the School.

Recipients: 2010 – Steve Comninos, Daniel Tam, David Andrews, Kumudika Gunaratne, Kieran Taylor; 2009 – Neil Street, Jack Musgrove, Michael Phung, Tejas Iyer, Eamon Kelly; 2008 – Christopher Andrews, David Nam, Alex Koerber, Eric Ovadia; 2007 – D’arcy Blaxell, Harrison Reid, Nishan Abeysuriya, George Denny-Smith, Christopher Morrow

Keith C Cameron Memorial Prize

Given in honour of Keith Colin Cameron, it is awarded to the dux of Year 11.

Recipients: 2010 – Max Wei; 2009 – Adrian Zhang; 2008 – Thomas Wilson; 2007 – Justin Zuo

Sir Frederick Jordan Memorial Prize

Given by the Old Boys’ Union in honour of Sir Frederick Jordan, Chief Justice and Lieutenant Governor of NSW, a distinguished old boy. It is awarded to the dux of Year 10.

Recipients: 2010 – Gavin Sutton; 2009 – Jeffrey Tang; 2008 – Adrian Zhang; 2007 – Thomas Wilson

Gordon Barr Memorial Prize

Given by the Old Boys’ Union Ladies’ Auxiliary in 1955 to honour former Headmaster and Old Boy, Gordon Barr. It is awarded to the dux of Year 7.

Recipients: 2010 – Adilmorad Nadir; 2009 – Henry Feng; 2008 – Victor Chew; 2007 – Kenny Lau

G C Saxby Prize

in memory of George Saxby (1887), a mathematics teacher (1893-1911) and former Headmaster of the School (1925-1933) is awarded for Mathematics Extension 2 (Year 12).

Recipients: 2010 – Nelson Wang; 2009 – Simon Cheng; 2008 – Daniel Chim

Chancellor’s Prize

Given in memory of Sir Charles McDonald, Chancellor of Sydney University, 1964-1970. It is awarded for Year 12 Classical Greek.

Recipients: 2010 – John Wormell; 2009 – Thomas Wilson; 2008 – not awarded

Dr Charles Winston Prize for Geography

Given by the Old Boys’ Union to honour a distinguished Old Boy surgeon; member of the Old Boys’ Union Council for 32 years; and a Vice-President of the Old Boys’ Union for 18 years. It is awarded to the first in Geography in Year 12.

Recipients: 2010 – Yale Wong; 2009 – Victor Lam; 2008 – Steven Luo; 2007 – Nicholas Lochner

Norman Save Memorial Prize

is awarded for History Performance in the HSC.

Recipients: 2009 – Drew Rooke; 2008 – Alistair Taylor; 2007 – Max Keldoulis

SHOBs Rugby Club Prize for Chemistry

is awarded to the first in Year 11 Chemistry.

Recipients: 2010 – Austin Ly; 2009 – Vithushan Mohan; 2008 – Brendon Martinez; 2007 – Daniel Chim

A H Pelham Prize

is awarded for Year 10 Classical Greek.

Recipients: 2010 – Christopher Chiam; 2009 – David Wang; 2008 – John Wormell