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Back-to-the-sheds day

Rowing Camp
A merry “sing-song” at the Rowing Camp, 1938

A Back-to-the-Sheds Day will be held at the Outterside Centre, Abbotsford on the morning of Saturday 25 October 2008.

The old boy crew that bought their seats at the Rowing Reunion Dinner earlier this year will race the School’s 1st and 2nd VIIIs. The Old Boy crew are:

1.. Simon McNamara (1990)
2.. Craig Avery (1984)
3.. Lawson Donald (1991)
4.. Justin Ingram (1989)
5.. John Croll (1981)
6.. Jack Singleton (1990)
7.. Sebastian Pearce (1989)
8.. Brett Jowett (1981)

.. with possibly Oliver Wilson (2001) as cox.

There will also be an unveiling of the “Commander Callaway” name plate that James Ritchie (1960) and John Croll (1981) donated to be hung at the Outterside Centre.

Full details: Back to the sheds day invitation.

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