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High Rugby Update

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There was a reference in the media today (Sydney Morning Herald, 25 February 2009), to changes that have occurred to Sydney Boys High and Sydney Grammar Schools’ participation in the GPS rugby competition.

As the School announced last year, High and Grammar will share rugby fixtures this year, with Grammar competing in First XV and A-team fixtures and High in Third XV and B-team fixtures.

The High v Grammar first grade match will take place as usual in the last round of the 2009 competition and it is possible that High may play some other GPS First XV teams in other rounds of the competition.

These changes have been temporarily introduced as part of our planned process of building the participation rates, skills, strength and success of rugby at High, from the junior school up.

All other sports at High will be unaffected by this temporary arrangement and there is no impact upon High’s status as a GPS school.

There has been a resurgence of rugby in High’s junior years. In 2008 we fielded four 13s teams for the first time in at least 10 years. Last year’s 16As defeated Newington to record High’s first win in an
A v A match for many years.

We are planning to field 16 rugby teams this year compared with
13 teams last season. A coordinated, three-sessions-a-week coaching program for all junior rugby teams commenced last year and we now have about 15 old boys regularly coaching our teams.

The skills and resistance training regime that has been introduced progressively throughout the School, is being well attended by rugby players. Their attendance is logged and individually tracked to assist players in fulfilling their preparation requirements for the rugby season. We are on the path!

We are extremely proud and supportive of all our boys’ sporting efforts and achievements. As any long term follower of school boy sports will have observed, there are often cycles in popularity of the different sports offered at school.

Just as a couple of examples, Sydney Boys High currently fields 18 cricket teams, unmatched by any other school in the GPS competition, 28 football teams and 32 basketball teams. Our basketball teams throughout many age groups are earning successes in the GPS competition, culminating in our basketball Firsts and Seconds posting historic wins over Riverview, the strongest basketball school in the GPS competition.

Over 85% of our students participated in GPS Saturday sport last year. Their participation is voluntary not mandatory.

Whatever the score, our philosophy at High is safe, enjoyable and successful participation for all and any boy who plays his chosen sport.

The OBU and the High Club are among those who have offered support for the School’s rugby revival. If you would like to help in any way, please contact the MIC Rugby, Mr Stein via the School, or the President of the Rugby Committee, Geoff Andrews. Progress with the rugby program will be communicated to the High community throughout the year.

Sydney Boys High Rugby Committee
24 February 2009

Parents or members of our Alumni community can also contact
Geoff Andrews, President High Rugby Committee, if they would like to discuss any aspect of the High rugby program.

Geoff Andrews
9386 9957