Sydney Boys High School Cabinet – fundraiser

Post 1928 Sydney Boys High School Cabinet
Post 1928 Sydney Boys High School Cabinet

The Sydney High School Old Boys Union recently purchased a fantastic piece of memorabilia that we would like to donate to the school.

The Union paid $4000 for the piece at auction and were able to determine that it seems to have travelled from Sydney to London and back again before going on sale. The school logo that appears on the cabinet was introduced in 1928 so we know it was used at the school after that date and are currently going through the school archives to try to determine more of the cabinet’s provenance. The cabinet is Georgian and is in fine condition.

In order to offset the cost of the cabinet we seek your help in donating funds towards its purchase. Everyone who donates $100 or more will be acknowledged in a plaque that will be placed inside the cabinet as a permanent reminder of your generosity. We will present the cabinet to the school and all donors will be invited to the ceremony.

To donate please complete the form below and thank you for your support.