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Take the challenge – try rowing!

Rowing badge
SBHS Rowing is hosting a ‘High Rowing Challenge’ for everyone-but-the-boys! …. starting on Saturday 11 September.

The committee are trying to put as many crews as possible on the water to raise money for the High rowers …. so feel free to ask partners, friends, work-mates etc.

All ages and abilities are catered for. We have very experienced crews, we have novice crews.

The rowing starts at 6am and goes until approx 7.30am each Saturday … and it runs for 6 weeks. I know it sounds early but it is lovely once you’re up!

An early start
An early start

It’s at the Sydney High Boat Shed, Abbotsford, and it is a beautiful way to exercise on the quiet water at dawn.

This is all followed by breakfast – barbecued bacon and egg rolls, toast, juice, coffee and tea.

Rowing is rated as one of the best aerobic kilojoule burning exercises you can do. It uses legs, glutes, core and arms…. and it’s fun with a crew of friends.

outterside centre at abottsford aerial view
Outterside Centre – Aerial View

Have a look at the attached flyer.

We’d love you to join in … be challenged!

Kind regards
Julie Blomberg
MIC Rowing Admin