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The Sydney High School Old Boys Union (SHSOBU) represents the interests of graduates from the oldest selective boys school in Australia.

We support the Sydney Boys High School through a broad array of activities including prizes and awards, fundraising events and advocacy for the school.

The SHSOBU council works closely with the Sydney Boys High School Foundation, the Parents and Citizens Association and the Sydney Boys High School Council to ensure our goals and values are aligned.

The SHSOBU is a member of the GPS Old Boys’ Unions’ Council.

The SHSOBU is the primary source of communication and information for old boys regarding reunions, sporting events, achievements and awards. Self-funded, we rely on memberships of our old boys to support our activities.

High Bulletin moving to electronic format

To help maintain a better network of Old Boys with up-to-date contact information, we are moving the High Bulletin to an electronic format.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Executive Council 2014-2015


  • Paul Almond (1981)

Vice Presidents:

  • Geoffrey Andrews (1964)
  • Dennis Briggs (1967)


  • Vincent So (2005)


  • Eric Wong (2000)

Membership registrar:

  • Geoffrey Andrews (1964)


  • Ross Bowey (1974)
  • Robert Gordon (1974)
  • Michael Jarvin (1974)
  • Rodney Mitchell (1975)
  • James Solomons (1998)
  • Eric Wong (2000)
  • Vincent So (2005)
  • Ivan Hung (1999)
  • David Scribner (1983)


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