aerial view of Sydney Boys High School

A group of former students of Sydney Boys’ High School established the Sydney High School Old Boys’ Union (SHSOBU) as the School’s alumni association in 1892. The OBU has continued to operate virtually continuously since then.

Membership of the OBU provides a range of professional, social, sporting and academic connections with your old school, its old boys, and the alumni of other GPS schools.

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Executive Council 2012-2013


  • Robert Gordon (1974)
  • Michael Jarvin (1974)
  • Rodney Mitchell (1975)
  • Graeme Anderson (1979)
  • Paul Almond (1981)
  • Eric Wong (2000)
  • Thomas Kaldor (2005)
  • Karl Kruszelnicki (2005)


  • Vincent So (2005)


  • Eric Wong (2000)

Membership registrar:

  • Geoffrey Andrews (1964)

Vice Presidents:

  • Geoffrey Andrews (1964)
  • Dennis Briggs (1967)
  • Joseph Waugh PSM (1987)


  • Ross Bowey (1974)