Sydney High School Old Boys Union


29 March 2015

The event on 15 April 2015 is being held primarily to raise funds to build a new multi-purpose facility for Sydney Boys High School, a project that is totally funded by the school community.

Scott Morrison, the Minister, is attending to support those fund raising efforts. Scott the 1985 old boy will be there in conversation, to talk about his journey into public life and the contribution that his years at Sydney High made to that journey.

This event is your opportunity to meet Scott away from the media circus. It’s an opportunity to better understand the person. It’s your chance to ask a difficult question.

As the Sydney High School Old Boys Union continues to reinvigorate its role in the old boy community and build a closer relationship with the school, old boys have many ways to lend their support: as coaches, mentors, speakers, event organisers, attending school activities, volunteering their services, becoming financial members of the SHSOBU and participating on the SHSOBU Council. Our community doesn’t function without its volunteers and donors.

This is the first in a series of ‘Spill the Beans’ events we are planning. We welcome the old boy community to nominate candidates who should be asked to ‘Spill their Beans’ at future events.

In the past we have hosted events involving old boys in diverse walks of life and holding diverse points of view. We will continue to hold events following the same approach.

If you choose not to attend this event, your donation is very much appreciated:

Where: Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School (refreshments and canapés will be served)
When: Wednesday, 15 April 2015 @ 6pm
Cost: $75 per person, click here to book or donate – or both
Contact: Chris Brown 02 9662 9330 or email

Authorised by Paul Almond, President, Sydney High School Old Boys Union Inc.

About the Old Boys Union

The Sydney High School Old Boys Union (SHSOBU) represents the interests of graduates from the oldest selective boys school in Australia.

We support the Sydney Boys High School through a broad array of activities including prizes and awards, fundraising events and advocacy for the school.

The SHSOBU council works closely with the Sydney Boys High School Foundation, the Parents and Citizens Association and the Sydney Boys High School Council to ensure our goals and values are aligned.

The SHSOBU is a member of the GPS Old Boys’ Unions’ Council.

The SHSOBU is the primary source of communication and information for old boys regarding reunions, sporting events, achievements and awards. Self-funded, we rely on memberships of our old boys to support our activities.

High Bulletin moving to electronic format

To help maintain a better network of Old Boys with up-to-date contact information, we are moving the High Bulletin to an electronic format.

Please make sure you confirm that you are happy with this by clicking here. We also ask that you please send through your current contact details via this link so that we can make sure you receive the next High Bulletin.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Executive Council 2014-2015


  • Paul Almond (1981)

Vice Presidents:

  • Geoffrey Andrews (1964)
  • Dennis Briggs (1967)
  • Joseph Waugh PSM (1987)


  • Vincent So (2005)


  • Eric Wong (2000)

Membership registrar:

  • Geoffrey Andrews (1964)


  • Ross Bowey (1974)
  • Robert Gordon (1974)
  • Michael Jarvin (1974)
  • Rodney Mitchell (1975)
  • James Solomons (1998)
  • Eric Wong (2000)
  • Vincent So (2005)
  • Ivan Hung (1999)
  • David Scribner (1983)